Angels Are More Active During Full Moon Cycles

The three days before, and day of the full moon and three days following the full moon are excellent times to meditate, bless our ailing world and engage in or service. The angels are more active during these full moon, sun Energy cycles because the electro-magnetic energy is heightened.

Draw close to the angels, your Soul, God or Enlightened beings from through prayers for the , and our struggling human family. Your sacred times for inspirational reading, and chanting will have a greater impact during the 7 days of the peaking full moon energy.

Briefly, the causes of this are maximum flows of Solar energy and other forms of electro-magnetic energy being received as blessings for our planet. Our planet is completely inter-dependent upon the other planets, Sun and Galactic energies for well-being. You and I, and the entire planet is connected electrically through a . Becoming a conscious part of the receiving and giving blessings makes you a co-worker with higher forces working to create a sacred planet.

Christ, the Great Masters, the are all united in a group effort to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth. Join them through daily , meditation, inspirational reading and enlightened living. By doing so we become true disciples of the Great Heart of Love, Kindness and Beauty. What greater joy is their than being a worker in the great vineyards of life creating blessings through your positive activities each day!

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